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Moodboard SS24

Maja Roos

Postades den maj 20 2024

Moodboard SS24
Soon, more styles will be landing at our retailers and in our online store. The last collection is presented in two color themes: one consisting of various shades of blue mixed with black, and the other featuring a pink-red color palette. As always, mixing and matching pieces from both color schemes will yield stylish results. Among the solid-colored garments are the serene "Ocean" shade of grey-blue and the delicate "Blush," a nearly white pink tone. The samples I received back after the trade show in Blush have been consistently worn throughout the autumn. Blush truly is a stunning and that complements almost anything.
When my pattern designer, Tina, and I began crafting the collection in spring 2023, our moodboard looked something like the picture below. We aimed to incorporate turquoise, purple, blue, with a hint of yellow in the prints. Initially, we were quite pleased with the print featuring turquoise and lime-colored leaves, but as often happens, we eventually veered toward something entirely different. After numerous iterations, we had an abundance of colors and prints to choose from. Selecting the right colors and prints can be a challenge, and usually, only a small fraction makes it into the final sampling stage.
All collections from most brands are structured into various groups. Since we create our own prints, we have the flexibility to incorporate precise color palettes that align with the collection. It's both the most enjoyable and the most challenging aspect to ensure all garments and prints cohesively fit in terms of both style and color. Another crucial aspect is that we always strive to offer multiple tracks within the same collection. We understand that while some individuals may never opt for a pink floral dress, many adore the feminine style. Therefore, our second print, dubbed "Blue Leaf," embodies an entirely different character. It's cleaner, and we've even integrated black into the blue pattern to enhance its sleekness further.
My favourite print this season is called art print violet. When we first met buyers in August last year this was very popular. Hope you like it too!

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