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The Rose Print

Maja Roos

Postades den mars 21 2024

The Rose Print

The inspiration for The Rose Print struck me during a visit in Spain. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this collection holds a deeply personal significance for me and my family. We all share the same last name, "Roos," which translates to "rose" in Swedish. This connection fueled my desire to create a line that embodies romance and femininity, but with a twist. There for this print is a so called all over print instead of big and bold roses and contrast colours.

Instead of opting for the traditional red, I chose to mix red and pink shades with each other.  My intention was to offer versatility, allowing you to wear these pieces for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day. I hope you will like it! 



The collection will be out on the 24th of March. 


Xx Maja 

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