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Sustainability is MAJA ROOS´s guiding principle in everything we do. All our MAJA ROOS clothes have been manufactured in the same Italian factory for nearly 10 years. Locating production in a European country has environmental and ethical advantages, with short and cost-effective truck transports and workers falling under EU regulations for minimum wage, holidays, and good working conditions. For small (and large) businesses, overseeing the entire production process becomes challenging when it's located far away in Asia.

Our silk collections are produced using a method called garment dye, where garments are sewn in raw material first and then dyed and washed. This method prevents shrinking, provides a soft feel, and yields clearer colors. Importantly, garment dye minimizes waste, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional clothing production.


Slow Fashion

The world doesn't need more clothes, but we need garments that last longer and are versatile. That's why we design pieces that don't follow the latest trends. Our silk and viscose blend is soft, comfortable, easy to care for, and suitable year-round. My hope is that your garments from us always take center stage in your wardrobe and are used extensively.