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Behind the scenes of "drop 1"

Maja Roos

Postades den april 08 2024

Behind the scenes of "drop 1"

Behind the Scenes

We photographed our collection "Drop 1" about a month ago now in a small studio located in Marbella's Old Town. I feel like photo days are always super stressful and chaotic because you need to produce perfect photos for the lookbook, social media, and newsletter all in one day. This time, we had the photographer and the studio for 4 hours, and we shot 20 pieces both indoors and outdoors. To calm my nerves, I brought along my good friend Ewa-Lena, who is a hairdresser and stylist and who also lives in Marbella. She styled our model Viola's hair just the way we wanted - summery and relaxed. This collection is filled with calm and bright colors, so we wanted to style accordingly.

I also brought along my daughter Mollie, who is a photographer, and my other daughter Julie, who was an assistant and helped steam the clothes. Plus, the model and photographer are women too, which is so much fun. A real girl-power feeling!



Viola in Taormina dress in Ocean.

When you want to convey a feeling, it's important to really capture that same feeling on set. It's very intense, and everything is under time pressure. We always try to play fitting music and have drinks and snacks on hand. I hope you like what you see! If you have any questions regarding sizes or anything else, please feel free to contact us at 



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